In a specific work with diet and training carried out at a distance I aim an approach focused on reducing body fat and improving muscle density. An adequate improvement in the tolerance to carbohydrates developed over the weeks allows you to activate your metabolism as much as possible and obtaining an increasingly toned shape. The increasing levels of complex carbohydrates is accompanying with training where the time under tension increases. The maximum muscular stress induces an improvement of the forms and of the physical proportions, activating both the explosive fibers and those of resistance. This will induce a complete muscular construction that highlights the hardness achieved. I often explain to my clients that nutrition provides the DIRECTION of change and it sets the goal that can be the loss of fat or the improvement of muscle tone. The training has the task of preserving the lean mass in the low-calorie phase and manages the acquisition of hardness and volume in the high-calorie phase. It’s important to know how to evaluate and how to activate the muscles, the weekly training frequency, the duration of the training, the distribution of the muscle districts to be activated. They are all related aspects to be managed according to the phases of nutrition.