Have you ever thought that based on your physical structure it is of fundamental importance to have optimal symmetries and proportions ?? ?
If you have never asked yourself this question, you may frustrate part of the workout that you perform every day in the gym with sacrifice and passion. If you have built an excellent volume on the buttock but you have a wide waist, you will surely have a lower aesthetic effect than having a big difference between the two areas.

Measuring the abdomen and the buttock to evaluate its circumference is an aspect of primary importance to understand its starting point. Many exercises with weights can compromise the waist. For example, performing squats you will tend stressing the areas of the abdomen and obliques and having a hypertrophic effect.
This will increase the volume of the waist by taking centimetres instead of reducing them.
✅I acquired a mentality that led me to really appreciate isometric performances. For example, work the abdomen with no weights but making very intense circuits to be performed often at the beginning of the session. This allows me to contain the volume of the abdomen and maintain constant muscle activation throughout the training session by taking advantage of the initial pre-fatigue.
☑The central area of ​​the body is essential. If we are unable to reduce the centimetres, we will hardly be able to highlight the volume on the buttocks. The volume, according to its genetics android or ginoid, lives different starting points and critical points.
How often do you train your abdomen? If you have been training for a few months, do your abs at the beginning of each session.
How long does the abdomen train? This is because I noticed several approaches with very good progress. For example, Ashley Kaltwasser dedicates an entire session of training her abdomen, all free-standing giving an absurd solicitation.?♀???♀
However, we are talking about everyday women, so I would say that an optimal time can be around 10 to 15 minutes of work. Do you think are too many ?? Well, if the answer is yes, it might be cause you probably waste too much time doing aerobic activity instead of paying close attention to a fundamental aspect such as specific workout with weights.
Only this will gradually give you the shape you’ve always wanted.

In the photo one of my top client.