How many times have I read this question, the common belief leads us to think that age is an element that leads to limiting or canceling the physical capacity to produce targeted progress. Nothing could be more wrong! I show the photo of one of my clients over 50 just to deal with the age issue. After the age of 35 a constant muscular erosion begins and that brings a subject who does NOT train to gradually lose muscle mass. This increases the risk of fat accumulation resulting also from the gradual metabolic change where the slowdown leads to greater ease in acquiring fat mass. Training is essential to maintain a fast metabolism, it allows to smooth the tissues, it acts by providing a constant impulse to the muscular compensation and the increase of the lean mass. Obviously, the choices of nutrition will provide the leadership of the change: the fat loss or the increase of the muscle density. The compensation forces the body to maintain muscle mass in the low-calorie phase and forces it to split into fat. Result of  a compensation for the caloric deficit you enter into the diet. It’s important to increase the calories intake to give you hardness and density. It’s better to work with little cardio to give the body a low predisposition to tolerate lactic acid and using times under high tension in the movements with weights. Prefer the evening carbo so you will also have perfect control of the stress hormone.

In the photo one of my top client.