Let’s analyse the different characteristics for each genetics to search for maximum results on the buttocks. We divide androids women  from ectomorphic and endomorphic; in other words women that tend to stay very thin or tend to get fat. This feature is commonly called slow or fast metabolism and it concerns your genetic ability to synthesise food. The ectomorphic android woman is a woman with a wide waist, slender legs and almost no volume on the buttocks. She tends very often to have arms and back very thin. Its peculiarity in 70% muscle growth on the upper part of the body induces specific work on the lower limbs. Muscle activation must be constant and profound with a fairly important working time. Her propensity to cellular inflammation is really low so we can push on the accelerator. Surely starting to climb with calories and specifically with carbohydrates is essential to increase the level of insulin and therefore promote muscle growth. Always remember the woman produces one-tenth of the male testosterone. Her physical variation in terms of fat loss and in terms of muscle intake can be induced mainly by the variation of blood insulin. With ectomorphic androids women, I always prefer work with great control of the performances and slowing down the movements. This induces a deep muscular activation and therefore a recruitment of optimal muscle fibers. SUMO SQUAT and GLUTE BRIDGE must be carried out with important loads and lots of isometry to strengthen the entire gluteus area. The android woman has its own characteristic in the good endurance of cortisol. Specific training and diet help to take harder approaches, but always careful not to overtrain to avoid making aesthetic regressions. Factors such as age, lifestyle and stress-bearing capacity are necessary elements for a careful evaluation in order to avoid the risk of overtraining and catabolism, which inhibits physical progress.