The gynoid universe lives of different characteristics. The predisposition to cellular inflammation with problems of water retention and cellulite impose important physical evaluations. The characteristics of a narrow waist and large volumes on the legs and buttocks require a very specific work. Wrong workouts lead often to add too much volume on quadriceps and the lower part of the buttock, making the woman asymmetrical and with scarce proportions. Here, the goal is to smooth the muscles making the shape hard and compact and highlighting the muscular details, bringing the volume of the buttocks and detaching the femoral to avoid the underlying fold. The training of the buttocks must pay attention to the upper area (the middle gluteus); DONKEY KICKBACK, GLUTE BRIDGE, DEATH LIFT are fundamental to better activate the areas mentioned. The work must gradually bring the client to a high athletic profile by increasing the time under tension more and more. The cardiovascular factor must always be reduced to avoid large levels of lactic acid which inhibits good microcirculation. I recommend drinking about a litre of water during training to drain the body properly. Perform sequences where you combine several movements that are always targeted. Achieve high fatigue and reduce recovery to the minimum necessary. Always remember that using a high load leads you to have an important pressure drop with the risk of breaking the capillaries or increasing retention. Making long and demanding sequences will allow you to smooth the physical structure reaching a hard and compact shape. Avoid SQUAT, FRONTAL LUNGES, PRESS AND LEG EXTENSION. This help to not involve the quadriceps during training and therefore, maintain an optimal proportion. After few weeks you will see a gradual reduction in retention especially if you eat carbohydrates in the evening to counteract the levels of cortisol. Collecting excellent forms in the gynoid woman means bringing it to a difference in centimetres between abdomen circumference and buttock circumference of about 30 centimetres, where the physical structure highlights the great volume and the built quality. I usually prefer a multifrequency approach, at least in the early stages of work where the constant in each training is the buttocks and the other muscle groups are rotated cyclically.