In my personal trainer career I have seen many common mistakes made by women who train in the gym. Too many times I have seen the training legs focused on LEG CURL, LEG EXTENSION and LEG PRESS in one session a week. All this repeated for 10 reps over 3 series and 60 seconds of recovery. Well, if you think that it takes so little to get an extraordinary physical change, you are very wrong. Over time I have acquired a completely different know-how from many colleagues. I have conducted seminars with the best American athletes and I had the pleasure of confronting myself with excellent competition trainers from all over the world that gave me a distinctly different mindset. My goal is to reach the maximum physical / aesthetic form so I am not satisfied with only training. I do not want the maximum muscular performance and I seek instead the maximum physical aesthetics. This places several characteristics of a woman under the magnifying glass … tight waist, high and compact buttocks, slender and toned legs with visible hamstrings, V-shaped back with turned shoulders and arms, zero retention and cellulite. This is the goal of a Fusco client. Obviously, everyone has personal tastes in terms of volume or definition, but the main objective is always to achieve an optimal physique. The analysis of the levels of inflammation plays a fundamental role. This to understand the degree of tolerance to muscular stress and to the aerobic stress of the physical structure, based on the training carried out. Nutrition must allow the best conditions to reduce fat through the carbohydrate cycling and strategically vary the quantities taken. The combination of the amount of carbohydrates during evening and the distribution of training is a fundamental aspect.

IF YOU START NOW training yourself, beware of those who put you like a hamster doing cardiovascular work for 40/50 minutes at each workout. If you have weight problems you risk immediately to increase cellular inflammation and therefore, increasing water retention and losing muscle mass immediately if you have a fast metabolism. Cardio must always be modulated and dangerous peaks of stress must be avoided. The training must initially be aimed at learning the basic exercises and understanding where the muscles work most. Starting to bear the stress levels induced by the weight exercises that will activate the muscle districts in depth. Having low levels of lactic acid and combating evening cortisol with complex carbohydrates will be the first step where we will appreciate a first progress. ALWAYS REMEMBER that constancy is fundamental, so you must find your rhythm and adjust your life according to new needs. Finding new habits that will quickly lead you to appreciate a healthy lifestyle aimed at a physical change. For all the info on my distance work, contact us!